History of the 1971 Ultra Rare Milwaukee Brewers Stadium 3" Player Pinback Button Set
Today I attended the Milwaukee Brewers opening day and was quite disappointed by the outcome, 2-1 loss to the Atlanta Braves. I was amazed at all of the costume-like dress of the fans. I saw vintage 1970s styles, 1982 World Series bat and glove jerseys, combinations of all eras, and even the beer can-crochet hats that were popular during the late 1970s. Many of the female fans were dressed in full length bobby socks, and I would estimate that almost 100% of both male and female fans were dressed in Brewers attire.

All three fan shops were packed with fans buying opening day souvenirs, and I purchased home and road 2010 Rickie Weeks game worn jerseys for the MEARS Museum. I did not have any 2010 examples for display, and I always liked the 2010 40th anniversary patch the team sported last season.

All of the nostalgia made me remember a very rare collectable I saw at the 2010 Brewerfest, a complete set of the 1971 Milwaukee Brewers Stadium 3" Player Pinback Button set.

I have been buying and selling Brewers memorabilia since 1986, and have only seen 3 or 4 single player examples. I was never certain what a complete set consisted of, until I saw a complete display at the 'Fest. The Brewers had a traveling museum on display, and with a simple mount on cardboard, labeled with each players name, was the complete set of 10.

Measuring 3"in diameter, these full color buttons featured a portrait pose, with facsimile signatures, with the exception of Tommy Harper, that was issued unsigned. The images appear to be taken in a professional studio, with a blue background found on each image. Included in the complete set of 10 are:

Dave Bristol - Manager
Tommy Harper - 3B
Mike Hegan - 1B
Andy Kosco - LF
Skip Lockwood - P
Davey May - CF
Marty Pattin - P
Ken Sanders - P
Bill Voss - OF
Danny Walton - OF

I have never seen a complete set, and have never seen many of the buttons on display. I would estimate the value of each pinback at $25.00 each, with a complete set selling for a premium, $300+. A complete set should be considered quite rare, and as always, be considerate of condition.

Keep collecting.

History of the 1971 Ultra Rare Milwaukee Brewers Stadium 3" Player Pinback Button Set
Troy Kinunen
By Troy Kinunen