How I fell in love with baseball cards all over again
Why collect baseball cards? Is it for the investment, for the love of it, or some other indescribable reason? In today’s present climate, post baseball card market crash of the early ‘90s, you can’t always make a killing off of card collecting. The high end cards sell for big money in auctions but it’s hard to break into that game on a modest salary. So are all those cheap cards out there even worth collecting?

You may have been one of those kids growing up eagerly awaiting the next Beckett Baseball Card Monthly in the mail and buying as many cards at card shows as your allowance would allow hoping that one day there would be a great return on that investment. But inevitably there comes a point when there are boxes upon boxes of baseball cards stored in the attic that aren’t worth nearly as much as you were hoping. Grant Brisbee was certainly one of those kids. He has experienced a life-long love affair with baseball cards. But like any good love affair, there were some rough patches. In the following article, Brisbee explains how he fell in love with baseball cards and experienced again the memories and joy of the game which are encapsulated in each one. Keep reading to find out how to relive the excitement of baseball card collecting, even if you are no longer that little kid anymore, and learn to cherish your stashes of baseball cards hidden around the house: How I fell in love with baseball cards all over again.